Board of Directors / Bunty Armstrong

Bunty Armstrong joined WPA’s Board of Directors in 1979 and currently serves on the Board Development Committee. Bunty was born and raised in New York City.  She first joined the Board of WPA 20 years ago, “when Mrs. Huntington was still president,” as she fondly recalls.  Bunty attended the Chapin School, where she is now a member of the Steering Committee of the Capital Campaign. She cites her early battles with reading and writing--struggles that would now be known as a learning disability--as an inspiration for her volunteer work. 

In addition to her many years of service to WPA, Bunty is a longtime member of the Junior League, where she received an “Outstanding Sustainer” award in 1994. She has worked with them in a variety of capacities, from the Public Relations Committee to putting on puppet-shows at hospitals, old age homes, and schools. She is a board member for the National Horse Show.

"WPA provided an environment where I could achieve my goals."
- Jennifer, Former WPA client
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