Board of Directors / Tina Daniels

Ms. Daniels joined WPA’s board in 2010 and served as President from 2013 until 2019.  She has previously served on the Audit and Program Committees.  She is currently the Director of Agency Business Development at Google.  Prior to her employment at Google, she was the Director of Global Agencies at Microsoft and was also the Vice President, Global Client Development at Avenue A/Razorfish where she oversaw senior client relationships, engagement team strategy, and operations for media clients.  She worked as a community enterprise fellow at McKinsey & Co., was an investment banking analyst at Oppenheimer and was a Certified Public Accountant at Arthur Andersen.  Ms. Daniels is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College and the Harvard Business School.  She is a native of San Diego, California.

"WPA envisions a community where our reliance on incarceration as a default response to harm has been replaced by constructive, community-driven, and community-enhancing responses."
- Georgia Lerner, WPA's Executive Director
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