Success Stories / Alice

Hello—my name is Alice.  I’m 18 and I just graduated from High School.  I was a writer for my school newspaper and now I’m getting ready to start my freshman year at the College of Staten Island to study to become a journalist.  I’m really excited, and sometimes it’s hard to believe that my brother and I just moved in with our Mom at WPA’s Huntington House last November.    

We got separated from our Mom when she was in prison, and it was hard to be apart. People would say that she was doing time, but we were all doing time.  I read all kinds of books and magazines—The New Yorker is my favorite--  to help make it go faster, and Mom and I shared book recommendations while she was incarcerated.

Being together at Huntington House has really helped us learn more about each other and how to live as a family.  I try to be a positive role model for the younger kids here—I know it would have helped me.

Mom works hard to make sure I have what I need to make my dreams come true.  I am SO excited that our family is together and that I’ll see them after I come back on the Staten Island Ferry from college.  Mom is really proud of me; I’m proud of myself too.

We couldn’t have done it without WPA.  They help mothers and kids rebuild their families and face the future with optimism and a plan.

I hope my story inspires you to help the other kids at WPA. Thank you for thinking of us and be sure to look for my byline in The New Yorker in a few years!

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"WPA envisions a community where our reliance on incarceration as a default response to harm has been replaced by constructive, community-driven, and community-enhancing responses."
- Georgia Lerner, WPA's Executive Director
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