Home for the Holidays

Dear Friend of WPA,

I was arrested for something careless.  I’d never been in trouble before, but I was an arrest waiting to happen: a low-income single mother, a survivor of abuse, a woman of color, and in an unhealthy relationship.

Many women experience desperation in the face of arrest, but I was introduced to WPA’s alternative to incarceration program, JusticeHome, and given the opportunity to tell my story.  WPA listened.  WPA advocated for me in court.  WPA helped the judge see beyond my crime.  Thankfully, he agreed that a college student and mother of a young son should not be locked away.  I was offered JusticeHome.

JusticeHome was not easy. It forced me to take a hard look at my life and how I became justice-involved.  My incredible case manager visited my home; connected with my son, Jeyson; put me through groups; got me in therapy; and made me feel like a whole person.

Today, I’m about to graduate from college, my son is in a great school, and I have my own baking business.  When I think of where I might be – where my son might be – if WPA hadn’t been there for me, I’m in awe.  I am so thankful that I am going to be home for the holidays with my family this year.  Thank you for supporting WPA and, in turn, supporting me.

I wish you and yours a very happy holiday!

- Kamilah


This holiday season, 55 women in JusticeHome are with their families instead of behind bars.  Your gift today makes it possible for more boys like Jeyson to have their moms home for the holidays.

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"My children had been in foster care for two years; they were angry and hurt. WPA helped us to heal and to build a new, strong family bond."
- Vivian, Former WPA Client
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