Blackbird at WPA

Arts-Based Intervention

Blackbird at WPA utilizes the power of the creative arts as a conduit to care for women in all areas of the criminal justice system and at any stage of their work with WPA.  Blackbird at WPA groups feature a wide variety of arts-based activities including theatre -based techniques, playmaking and role play, creative writing and poetry, and visual arts and music as the basis for a series of targeted workshops designed to enhance and supplement the quality of care for our women.  Participants are supported by their peers in a safe and secure group setting.  They engage in fun, thought-provoking, and self-esteem building activities that improve their skills and harness the power of their own imaginations as stepping stones to making positive changes in their lives.  

Blackbird workshops fall within the following categories:

  • Youth Services
  • Homeless Services
  • Prison-Based Services 

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Cheryl Paley, Project Director
Brooklyn Community Office
2632 Atlantic Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11207
p. 347.227.4244 

"In WPA, I had a coach and partner for the journey to reunify with my children."
- Vivian, Former WPA Client
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