Success Stories / Darlene

Darlene is fifty-five years old and has been living with HIV since 2005.  Darlene was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and held at the Rose M. Singer Correctional Facility on Rikers Island.  During this time, she connected with WPA transitional planners to create a strategy to manage her HIV status and medical appointments upon returning to the community. Immediately after being released on bail, Darlene visited WPA’s Reentry Services Center.  The first days and weeks back in the community can be overwhelming, and mark the time when our clients are most likely to relapse into criminal activity, substance abuse or other high-risk behaviors.  WPA provided Darlene with emergency food and a metro card to make her medical appointments.  WPA staff attended medical appointments with Darlene and visited her in hospital when she was admitted with pneumonia.  WPA staff appeared with Darlene in court and advocated on her behalf to enroll her in a TASC program, an alternative to prison program for non-violent offenders with drug and alcohol abuse problems.  Darlene still visits WPA’s Reentry Center regularly and insists she could not have achieved sobriety without the support of WPA.

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"WPA envisions a community where our reliance on incarceration as a default response to harm has been replaced by constructive, community-driven, and community-enhancing responses."
- Georgia Lerner, WPA's Executive Director
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