Success Stories / Jennifer

I am an artist and a miracle.

For 10 years, I was in and out of trouble and institutions, unable to live life on life’s terms. Then, I started getting my life together, but even after I had been sober for more than a year, I was facing up to four years in prison. WPA advocated for me with the courts and I was able participate in WPA’s Hopper Home alternative to incarceration and continue what was working. WPA provided an environment where I could achieve my goals of getting financially situated and finding an apartment and a job. If not for WPA, I would be in prison right now. Instead, I go to AA, hold down two jobs, and, for the first time in my life, I pay my rent, my electric, and my phone bill, and still have money in the bank. All of that started with WPA. I want use my art to help troubled teenagers, because that’s who I was. Today, I am really happy. 

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"My children had been in foster care for two years; they were angry and hurt. WPA helped us to heal and to build a new, strong family bond."
- Vivian, Former WPA Client
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