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WPA has assembled a web-based toolkit of materials useful to service providers and public officials. Materials in the toolkit are available, free of charge, for download and distribution. You must credit WPA when using these materials.

Achieving Successful Outcomes With Justice Involved Women
View the webinar and power point presentation of Successful Outcomes with Justice-Involved Women: A Review of the Research, Tools and Resources for Practitioners sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and featuring WPA's executive director as one of the presenters.

WPA Practice Brief: Mentoring Women in Reentry
A mentor can help a woman navigate reentry into her community following incarceration. This WPA Practice Brief explores the concept of reentry mentoring, and offers examples of programs around the country.

Addressing Women's Incarceration: A National Survey of State Commissions and Task Forces on Women in the Criminal Justice System
This online resource highlights 20 state-level commissions and task forces created to face the challenges presented by growth in women’s criminal justice involvement. Providing links to authorizing legislation, final reports, as well as other information generated by these bodies, this resource is meant to serve as a tool for decision-makers and concerned community members.

WPA Housing Toolkit
WPA’s Housing Toolkit is designed to offer techniques, resources and skills that are helpful in finding housing solutions for individuals and families with criminal justice involvement. We also provide information and resources on major legislation and advocacy that affects the development of public policy in this arena.

Success in the Community Matrix
WPA developed this matrix to show how the five key areas of need (livelihood, housing, family, health & well-being, and criminal justice compliance) factor into a woman’s life at different stages of her reentry into the community. This new version adds the sixth key area: Social/Civic Connections.

Policy Recommendations by the Women's Advocacy Project
The Women's Advocacy Project is WPA's leadership and advocacy training program for former prisoners. Participants learn to turn their experiences with criminal justice, child welfare and other public systems into expertise they can use to bring about policy change. They have presented their policy recommendations to City and State officials and advocates in New York.

Policy Recommendations on Discharge Planning, 2003
Policy Recommendations on the Representation of Parents in Family Court, 2004
Policy Recommendations on Making Familiy Reunification a Reality for Criminal Justice-Involved Women, 2005
Policy Recommendations on Improving Outcomes for Women in Reentry, 2006
Policy Recommendations on Shifting Resources from Prisons to Communities, 2007
Policy Recommendations on Improving Access to Education, 2008
Policy Recommendations for Expanding Alternatives to Incarceration, 2010

Alternatives to Deportation? How to Work with Immigrants in the Criminal Justice System
By detailing the nuance of immigration law, this is a useful tool for advocates and practitioners that work with criminal justice-involved immigrants. These materials were produced by the NYSDA Immigrant Defense Project and Families for Freedom. Please contact these organizations for more information.

Mothers, Infants and Imprisonment: A National Look at Prison Nurseries and Community-Based Alternatives

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