Alternatives to Incarceration

JusticeHome is a trauma-informed and gender-responsive alternative to incarceration program for women of all experiences.  JusticeHome is a community and home-based program designed to support women so they can stay in their communities rather than serving time in jail or prison.  The JusticeHome team works with participants to enhance stability and overall well-being by addressing specific needs that may have contributed to criminal justice involvement.  JusticeHome strongly believes in honoring each participant’s resiliency, strengths, and voice.  Our team works collaboratively with every participant to create an individualized change plan to help identify needs and achieve goals. 


  • Anyone who identifies as female
  • Facing felony and/or misdemeanor charges in New York City
  • Resides in New York City

Program Elements:

While JusticeHome tailors programming to meet the unique needs of each participant, JusticeHome’s program structure consists of the following seven key elements:

  • Trauma-informed, gender-responsive, and client-centered practice
  • Use of the evidence-based Women’s Risk Needs Assessment to determine strengths and needs of individual clients
  • Gender-specific and evidence-based cognitive behavioral group, Moving On
  • Community supervision and support throughout participation
  • Individualized and collaborative change plans
  • Referrals to community-based organizations
  • Referrals to other WPA programs including vocational programming and leadership training
  • Court advocacy and support

If you believe that you, your client, and/or family member would benefit from JusticeHome, please contact Miriam Goodman, Clinical Director at 347.803.3535 or

"My children had been in foster care for two years; they were angry and hurt. WPA helped us to heal and to build a new, strong family bond."
- Vivian, Former WPA Client
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