Children and Family Services

Michelle and KidsSarah Powell Huntington House (SPHH) is WPA’s homeless shelter for formerly incarcerated and at-risk women and their children. Since 1993, this unique residence has given recently reunified families the chance to access services designed to promote long-term health, stability, and self-sufficiency.  WPA staff work with families to achieve goals such as securing safe and stable housing, enrolling in school, seeking employment, finding a healthcare provider, and managing the full range of day-to-day household and family challenges.  Kids get homework help and recreational activities through WPA’s youth services. 

Sarah Powell Huntington House
347 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10009
p. 646.292.7710
f. 646.292.7739

The Family Treatment Rehabilitation Program provides intensive home-based preventive services for families at risk of having children placed in foster care due to family instability related to Mom’s drug use and/or mental illness.  The program aims to strengthen families by working with Mom to treat mental illness and get drug free while managing her children’s needs and day-to-day home life such as getting kids ready for school, ensuring a good breakfast, dressing them in weather-appropriate clothes, and getting to school on time.  These services are based in East New York and Brownsville, neighborhoods characterized by societal barriers that impede successful family connectedness, stability and functioning, such as low educational attainment and high rates of poverty, unemployment, and drug use.

Brooklyn Community Office
2632 Atlantic Avenue
New York, NY 11207
p. 718.687.4726
f. 718.385.2795

If you’re not sure which program is best for you or your client, please call WPA’s Community Linkage Unit (CLU).  The CLU team links women to the appropriate program at WPA or within the community based on their specific needs.  Call CLU at 646.292.7724. 

"WPA programs address each client’s individual needs and strengths, working with each woman as a whole person."
- Piper Kerman, WPA Board
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